Monday, October 11, 2010

Deuxième Semaine

Our second week in Lyon began to develop a rhythm that included our dance classes at the Arte Studio near the Opera House in the center of Lyon as well as French language classes. Our performance week started off with a stunning performance of Nelken by the Wuppertal Danse Theatre that had been led by so many years by the late Pina Bausch.

The week’s performances included Olivier Dubois, Nasser-Marin Gousett/La Maison, Compagnie Disorienta, and Compagnie Propos (who did an interesting “who-dunnit” of a dance all in a kind of freeze-frame story-telling style.

On Saturday the we got to participate in a “flashmob” dance in the square in front of the train station at Part-Dieu. Everyone had to wear something pink, and it was fun to see all these people appearing with whom we had the dance in common. It was exciting, but everyone agreed that it was over way to quickly, so our dancers did an impromptu repeat on their own (and some people joined in!).

On Saturday evening we saw a stunning performance by Ballet Preljocaj that included a washing of the flags of the world and live lambs!